Exciting recipes

Learn how to make the old classics as well as some innovative new flavors for the more adventurous.

More than just recipes

This book is packed with useful resources and tips to take your ice cream making to a new level.

Save some coin

Make super premium ice cream for the price of economy priced tubs bought at the supermarket. Cha-ching!

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Tried and trusted recipes

Get access to some of the most popular ice cream recipes currently being made. Chocolate, vanilla… yawn. This guidebook gives you recipes to make ice cream flavours like mojito cocktail or mint choc chilli. We’re talking serious yum! Of course, all the traditional flavors are in there as well. So if you’re a vanilla lover, you’re in the right place.

Gelato Boss is the result of many years of ice cream recipe development. You can check out some of the recipes at Creamish which is where the author, Nate, publishes a lot of his results.

Why choose this recipe book?

The Ultimate Guide to Ice Cream is more than a recipe book, it’s full of interesting information to make you a frozen dessert guru. In saying that, you’ll find it easy to read, no long stretches of text that put you to sleep. It’s a short, fun, bouncy type of ebook that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Discover the basics of making gelato and ice cream, including concepts like pasteurisation and ageing the custard base.
  • Decide whether you need an ice cream maker or if the traditional way will “do the job”.
  • Get ideas for ice cream add-ins like fruit, nuts, candy and more.
  • Discover the role that eggs and overrun play in making creamy ice cream.
  • Recipes include all the favorites plus others like mojito, choc chilli, affogato, matcha, olive oil and maple bacon.



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Get your copy of the Ultimate Guide to Ice Cream today and you’ll receive an invite to join our private Facebook group. Ask Nate questions, ask anyone questions in the group! This is the place to share your best ice cream creations, learn about different ice cream makers, discuss ingredients, recipes and anything else that’s relevant.



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"This is a really comprehensive guide to ice cream. The recipes are fun, creative and very tasty. There's loads of extra information and tips that I found really helpful as a beginner. Highly recommended!"

Jenny Williams, New York, NY.

Laying the foundation

Gain an understanding of where ice cream began and the different types of ice cream.

The science of ice cream

We geek out by taking a look at the building blocks of ice cream - what's essential to make good ice cream.

Recipes galore

Get a wide selection of ice cream recipes, whether you have an ice cream maker or not.

Other useful stuff

Why use eggs in ice cream? The ice cream making process and other information to make you a gelato boss.

The ice cream maker

We look at whether an ice cream maker is important and some popular models.

Ice cream making tips

Get heaps of helpful tips, perfect for beginners through to seasoned experts.


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The Author

Nate is a pastry chef who has built a solid reputation in the online ice cream making community. He has produced numerous publications about how to make ice cream.

“Learning to make good ice cream is a lot like learning the guitar. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Ice cream is everywhere: on the television, magazines and radio. It seems like every day there’s a new pic on social media of some amazing new flavor. Modern culture can’t get enough of the frozen stuff!

There’s a good chance that if you’re here, it’s because you love ice cream. If that’s true then you’re in the right place. I’ve created this resource to help you get started making ice cream as good as what you’ll get from an ice cream shop – and a lot better than the supermarket bought stuff!

About the Authur

This guide will cover everything you need to get started making ice cream. Tips, hacks, recipes and more in one handy place.

If you have any questions then get in touch using one of the social media links below.”


Get your copy today and start creating yum!